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Aurora Investment Solutions - Our Approa

Our Approach

Discover our tailor-made approach to investment. 


A process in 4 steps:


  1. Investment scenario integration 

  2. Structuring the strategy into a product 

  3. Simulations of the product on different scenarios

  4. Production start-up

[ Smart Tailor Made Approach ]

Aurora Investment Solutions - Our Missio

Our Tailor Made approach to investment 

 To help you achieve your investment objectives.

Investment Scenario Integration

 Determination of the underlying, price objective, maturity and confrontation with market expectations.

Structuring the Strategy into a Product


Statistical analysis of volatility curves via our proprietary software PARDES & PROME-T.

Simulations of the Product on different Scenarios


Evaluation of product pricing

over multiple maturities until maturity.

Stock Market Graph

Production Start-up


Negotiation of the product with major European

and American banks.

Empower yourself with the knowledge to set yourself apart from competitors.

Analyzing Graphs
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