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Carrefour: No Smoke without Fire

Booster Note: Participation 300%; Cap 130%; 
European Barrier 75%; Maturity 5 years. USD

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Published on 07 February 2022

With a potential merger & acquisition (M&A) on the horizon, we consider that the timing is very interesting to invest in Carrefour.

Auchan and Private Equity firms' potential interest in Carrefour has been consolidated with reports claiming that they would revise the cash bid in the region of €23.50.

The revised bid represents a premium of 35% which might be significant enough to get a deal done according to Citigroup Analyst.

The latest speculations are pointing towards a merger happening after the French presidential elections in April.

We designed a Booster Note strategy which offers the possibility to track the underlying's performance in the short term and leverage the performance to 300% at maturity.

Bitcoin: The new Inflation Hedge.

Twin Win Autocallable: Coupon 10%; Downside Participation 100%;
European Barrier 58%; Maturity 9 months. USD

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Published on 18 November 2021

We believe that the timing is currently interesting to invest in Bitcoin.Some big players such as JP Morgan are very bullish on Bitcoin and 

expect a price target of $146,000 in the long term which represents an upside of 124% from now.

The SEC has recently given its approval to the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF which reached $1 Billion in asset under management.

The arrival of the BITO ETF has now offered many possibilities in terms of derivative products and investment solutions.

That’s why, we designed a conservative product based on a Twin-Win strategy which allows our client to generate gains on the upside as well as partial protection on the downside.

Oil Super Cycle: Strikeback.

Protected Trader Leveraged: Participation 275%;
European Barrier 60%; Maturity 4Y. USD

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Published on 28 September 2021

We believe that the timing is currently very interesting to invest in West Texas Intermediate (WTI).

Indeed, the collapse of oil prices to less than $20 following the recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the upcoming supply crisis. 

This has resulted in a drastic reduction in capital spending by international oil companies. 

On the other hand, US shale drillers are now focusing more on profitability than on growth. 

All this means that current long-term oil prices are too low to encourage oil companies to invest in future oil production, which is sorely lacking.

And this has led industry professionals and Goldman Sachs to expect a future rise in oil, with a target of between $90 and $100 by next year.

Thus Trafigura, one of the largest independent oil traders, is expecting  an oil price of $100 by 2022.

At the same time Goldman Sachs is raising its WTI target to $90 by the end of 2021.

China Long Term Trend Part 2: a repair strategy.
Warrant Call Up & Out : Participation 100%;
Barrier Out 130%; Rebate 5%; Cost 7,5%; Maturity 2Y. USD

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Published on 26 August 2021

We believe that in the long term it is still worthwhile to have exposure to the world's second largest economy, especially after the 26% drop from its highs. 

This brings the ETF back to very conservative valuation levels compared to the rest of the world.

Here we take stock of the recent news that caused this decline and we propose a very defensive structuring in order to initiate a position or to repair an existing one.

Indeed, we should never remain passive and suffer volatility but rather use it for our advantages.

Semiconductors the new oil Part 1
Warrant Call Up & Out : Participation 100%; Barrier Out 130%; Cost 8%; Maturity 3Y. USD

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Published on 10 June 2021

We believe that it is worthwhile to position ourselves in the semiconductor sector over the long term.

The semiconductor market has entered a super cycle.

According to many estimates, the semiconductor industry's turnover is expected to more than double by 2030, from 450 billion USD to 1 trillion USD.

We have designed a very defensive strategy in 2 parts.

As we have said, the market seems to have already taken a lot of good news in the short term.

We therefore propose to take positions on a 3-year Call Up & Out warrant structuring on the semiconductor sectors via iShares PHLX Semiconductor ETF.

Indeed, this strategy will serve as a performance amplifier on the Up and Out zone and the passage of time will play in our favor while limiting the risk to the premium invested.

Commodity« Supercycle »
Protected Tracker : Participation 393%; Cap 130%; European Barrier 60%; Maturity 5 Y. USD

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Published on 17 May 2021

We believe that timing is very interesting to invest in mining companies and especially those with copper exposure.

We have designed a conservative structuring with a protected tracker.

Copper is one of the world's most versatile metals and the third most used behind iron ore and aluminum.

It's an essential component in buildings and cars, part of the money

supply, and a key material used in renewable energy.

Given that outlook, the world's biggest copper miners should be able to continue expanding their production in the coming years



100% Capital Protection & Participation; Maturity 5 Y.USD

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Published on 12 April 2021

We believe that timing is very interesting to invest in the credit market through one of the best and most reputable team in the world: PIMCO.

We have designed a very conservative structuring with a guaranteed capital and 100% participation in their star fund: PIMCO GIS INCOME (69bn$).

Emerging Market Long Term Trend: 


Participation 94%; European Barrier 60%; Maturity 8 Y. USD

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Published on 16 February 2021

We believe that timing is very interesting to invest in Emerging Market to take advantage of short- and long-term factors which should allow it to outperform other equity markets.

We have designed a conservative structuring with a Booster Notes.

China Long Term Trend: 


Participation 345%; Cap 115%; European Barrier 72%; Maturity 5 Y. USD

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Published on 20 January 2021

We believe that timing is very interesting to invest in China.

We have designed a conservative structuring with a outperformance certificate.

China is still underrepresented in indices and is a land of fundamental opportunities.

The country is the engine of the global economy and has promising capacity for further growth, creating potential opportunities for discerning investors.

China’s economy is diversifying: and continues to transition from a manufacturing-heavy economic model to one that is services and consumption-led.

Is now as a tech-driven giant and has the second highest rate of investment in research and development, worldwide.